A Look Back — Song by Franco Robert

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS A Review of Our Life From Our Rearview Mirror Photo by Daniel Novykov on Unsplash A shout out and thanks to Frank James Sanders. Thanks for the article I just checked my stats. It confirmed what I wanted them to be. When we look in our rearview mirror what are some of the things […]

Song: Distraction Days by The Album Leaf

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS You Have the Day All Planned, You Have Scheduled Everything Into a Time Slot. Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash You have the day all planned; you have scheduled everything into a time slot. And then the unexpected happens, and it diverted your attention from the planned activity. Your first distraction event just happened; […]

All You Need Is a Simple 5 Step Writing Plan to Be a Successful Writer.

This Writer’s Journey Start At Step One. Then Move Through to Step Five. Photo by Mette Køstner on Unsplash The magic of this plan is in the execution. If you publish it, they will come. The first step is important, but not without each succeeding step following close behind. The part that most of us forget is step five. […]

Now is the Time to Build Your Writer’s Platform

This is the process you will need to get your writer’s platform up and running. Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash Every independent writer needs to have their own writer’s platform. Your platform is your brand — something that separates you from all the other writers’ noise and allows readers to find your signal. Your brand can be your real […]