Cinco de Mayo has an Additional Meaning to Me

We all have those days or events in our lives that bring back memories, some pleasant ones and others not so pleasant ones.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

For me Cinco de Mayo 49 years ago was the beginning of regular adult employment that would change my life.

To Most of The World

Cinco de Mayo is the date to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

Yes, there are other days like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, birth of a loved one, parents, siblings and many others. Also included in the list can be those days that are the not so wonderful day. Since we have 365 to pick from and add to that as we grow older, we add different years to quickly multiple events on any one given day.

I recall my father-in-law had the same birthday and someone else I know.

To Me

Cinco de Mayo has an additional meaning because on that day in 1971 was the day for my real first job after high school. It was like the beginning of my adult life. I would have reliable regular income and be able to move out of my parents’ home and take on the full responsibility for where I lived, pay by bills……..

Back in 1971 I was 18 and would be 19 the following month. I accomplished filling out an employment application, invited to interview for a job, receiving an offer for a position at a well known company, and I accepted the offer.

This is the additional event I remember for Cinco de Mayo every year since that first May 5 in 1971.

My working for that company lasted just over 26 years. I have a retirement and supplemental medical from that company.

Today few people work that long for any company and receive similar retirement benefits.

Oddly today a person from that company was working outside my home, and we chatted. Retirement and other benefits are so different and of less value to that individual today when compared to those of 49 years ago.

The Job Market is Different Today

This entire process was unique from any job offer I had during high school. It was much more completed and took some time. This list of jobs that teenagers held 49 years ago are not available for teenagers today. Some include the food services industry, paper route carriers, yard work, gas station attendant. Today some of those jobs do not exist, like the gas attendant. Today the jobs that still exist are staffed by people who rely on these jobs for their primary income. Some seniors now hold these jobs to supplement their retirement income.

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