Who Do You Trust Today And Why?

The first appearance of trust in people’s life is the trust they have in their parents.

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Trust Thoughts

The first appearance of trust in people’s life is the trust they have in their parents. The child trust and believes the parent will take care of them looking out for their wellbeing. Protect them, feed them, teach them the truth, and be an example.

Teaching trust is a difficult and daunting task if you have little or no trust to start with. We learn trust over time and are part of the growing-up process. As we age, we still have the capacity or develop trust.

Merriam-Webster dictionary definition 1a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

Truth is the foundation of trust, and the person being trusted must have confidence in the truth.

The word fiduciary comes to mind because “what in it for me?” is not part of the deal of trust.

Trust is different in than truth, you gain trust from repeatable actions of truth.

The Who?

No, silly, not the band name The Who, who formed in 1964, for those who have heard of them.

The who is the part of the sentence as in the people.

People are the starting point and the ending point of trust.

We develop varying levels of trust with family, friends, co-workers, our pets, and any others that we interact with.

Trust in the many businesses we interact with as either an employee, a customer, or an investor.

A company created by people, managed by people, and the level of trust is that of the collective of those managing the company. We base the level of trust on the collective.

When referring to business, that includes all businesses for profit, non-profit, government, and religious organizations. The rules and levels of trust in each of these business types are not any different from that of a person-to-person trust.

The who besides people can be places and other things. We trust the planet we call earth to spin around daily. We trust the sun and moon will be there.

How Do You Process Trust?

The process begins by trusting the information source.

People interact with other people using their five senses of smell, touch, taste, vision, and hearing. Plus the sixth sense which I will refer to as the “gut feeling” which helps guide us through this life we live on this planet.

We live in the Physical World and our Dream World, where all the six senses have time to grow and develop. Through these senses we interact with those around us, and the persons, places, and things.

Trust is something we must work at and with through our life. It is a personal feeling between people and other things.

It would be nice if we had a trust app for that, but trust is not binary.

We have lie-detectors, and truth serums to gage the possibilities of truth. The methods have various levels of trust.

Why Do We Trust?

The basic element of trust is truth. Without truth, there is no trust.

We are always in a position of evaluating what is truth, and that that is not.

Without the use of a trust app or truth serums at our disposal, the tools we have are our five senses and our feelings to work with.

We meet someone or go to a place, interact with a business, or go to a city and feel trust.

Trust takes place between people and a person, place, or things. Trust comes in many levels, it can be romantic, friends, business, or acquaintances.

The Flip Side Of Trust Is Distrust.

When the truth changes like a chameleon, so does trust change to distrust.

Distrust occurs when observations like “Actions speak louder than words.” Or “First time shame on me, second time shame on you.” Or “Fool me once, shame on you.”

It is easier to earn trust than to re-earn trust from someone you distrust.

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