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Glad you asked

I have a plan. I’ve had plenty of time to plan one so here’s what I’ve got as of today. Not that the plan will undergo tweaks and changes, OK it will probably happen. No it will happen, I know myself better than to say otherwise.

We all communicate with different methods from speaking in conversation, email, texting, and chat sessions. In many of these forms we are writers, it may have not dawned on us.

I want to go to the next step, expand my communication experience, and be a writer. That simple.

Ten years of observing other writers

I have been on the sidelines observing:

The theme for the bulk of the writers I have observed and read their articles focused in these categories:

They all seemed enthusiastic about their adventures into helping writers.

My Plan is simple

Plan 1.1

Plan 1.2

How will I spend my Time writing about?

Senior Citizen writers.

Everyone has stories to tell, young, middle age, and seniors too.

Each Senior Citizen is a volume of history which can help others, be they strangers, friends, or family through writing and publishing it to the Web.

Let me know if I can be of service to help you on your writer’s journey.

What can you do?

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