We Always Think There Is Going to Be More Time — Song by the End of the Ocean


Time Stands Still for No One

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

The clocks hang around, but time does not.

We are all under the same constrains with time.

Sixty seconds per minute. Sixty minutes in the hour. Twenty-four hours in the day. Three hundred sixty-five days in the year, plus eight hours.

As we know it today and it has been for some time, the years repeat year after year. With somewhere around as much as one hundred years all now people.

We all get to spend our time as we see fit.

Some will spend it wisely, others will spend it foolishly. Others will start off foolishly and change to wisely. Other will start wisely and change to the foolishly. The time is always moving forward. You are the only one who gets to decide. Even if someone else influences your decision, it is still on you because you decided.

There is no rewind, or do over button on time.

Time will not listen to your request to have a second chance, or a do over. It does not work that way.

Make your best decisions before time does run out for you.

Spend you time creating the best decision time after time, so you not have any regrets.


Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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