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Always be looking for your aha moments. We all need this gentle reminder from time to time.

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Five Thoughts From a Baby Boomer on Life.

  1. As we age, our priorities change.

For many, we start by seeking well-paying jobs, a family, a lovely home, cars and all the worldly possessions drives many. Over time, events happen, and others do not pan out, while others seem so far in the distance; they may never happen to you.

We start with our wants, and some of us add the wants of others after comparing your life to others. Over time, we decide what is right for us, and with that decision, we achieve a level of happiness.

We look to become the best version of ourselves, not a version that competes with others.

We wake up enjoying another day, take a breath, and relax. Continuing going about our day’s business.

2. There are no do overs in life, we must move on.

In the beginning, we think there must be a reset or rewind button, enabling us to remove mistakes from our life until we get life just the way we want the script. Real life is not like in the movies where you get a second, third, and maybe a fourth retake to get the shots for a movie ready experience.

As we age, we discover that to make the future better, you must gain learning from the past and put more planning into the future.

3. Life is not a spectator sport; we must run with the ball to get wins.

We must get out of the bleachers and on to the field to score in life. This requires planning and execution.

We can learn from others who have come before us, both the successful and those not so successful.

While we are on this planet earth, there is always time to change your life before it is too late.

Experiment, you have things that are not working for you, change them into something that works for you.

4. Health is more important than money.

Health is one thing as we age that moves to the top of the list of wants and needs. Hope is that move is earlier in life rather than later. Good health means greater longevity and happiness.

If you have health issues that require attention, do this earlier in life rather than later. You will be happy and excited that you did.

5. Lighten your load before the end.

We all are one day going to die, and all the pieces we accumulate go back in the box, like that of the monopoly game at the end. We take nothings with us on the journey we know not of.

What we own on the day of our departure, as in death, will be moved to others in according to the laws of the land or per your instructions.

I suggest distributing possessions over time to the places you would like them to be before you leave. By this, give to family and friends things you would like to have as you grow closer to the end. This is one of those things in life that there is no one size fits all. You must thoroughly think this one through for yourself and your lifestyle.

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