Life Is a Series of Experiments and Adventures, and Medium Is One of Those.

Welcome to the Medium Plane

Using the Concept of Building the Plane While Flying It.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Welcome to the Medium Plane

Medium are making changes and tweaks all while the platform is in flight. The adjustments benefit both writers and readers alike. Medium has not reached its destination and may not reach one, at least not soon. Medium might just be on an ever-developing path. Where we are all free to roam around the cabin while it is in flight. Caption Ev on the loudspeaker announcing, “enjoy the ride.”

Who is on Medium’s flight?

Caption Ev, the flight crew, writers, and readers. On this flight there are no advertisers. That is part of the experiment.

The Flight Crew

Besides Caption Ev there are Executive Assistant, Designers, Finance and Accounting people, Editors, Engineers, Editorial team members, and Product Scientist to name a few.

Writers on the flight

There might be a seasoned writer extending their reach to a new audience of readers.

A writer with some experience that wants to learn from other writers and hone their craft. One who wants to find a new group of writers to learn their good habits. Observe what others are doing on their writers’ journey.

New writers have a playground to experiment in where the entry fee is minimal, and the possibilities are endless. You can observe to our hearts’ content the landscape of all kinds of writers from seasoned writers, newbie writers, and everything in between all-in-one place.

There is room for all the writers to play.

Readers on the flight

If you want to read without ads and support writers, then Medium is a great place to read. It is possible to read as much as you want for a minimal amount, and portions of what you pay they distribute to the writers.

After reading for a while, soon the Medium’s algorithm will make suggestions on reading possibilities. Enjoy any of the selections or you are welcome to search for anything that meets your wants or needs.

Want to start your own publication.

No problem. Experiment, create your own publication on Medium, create several. Make it an adventure and encourage other writers to join in the fun on your playground amongst the others who are also experimenting on the Medium Plane.


Medium is attempting to take blogging and combine it with social journalism for both experienced and novices’ writers to join in.

You get out of Medium in direct portion to the effort you put into the platform. Want to learn, read what others have accomplished, and mimic. Want to experiment, there’s room for that, too. You might start on Medium and stay for a while, and then go off on your own, or not, and just stay.

If you are a reader looking for a new place to read, you found it. A writer who wants to learn or expand your writer craft, you found a place. Enjoy the flight.

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