Life’s Little Victories — Song by Because of Ghosts.


Nickel and Dimes Add Up to Dollars

Photo by J E W E L M I T CH E L L on Unsplash

Life has so many little victories we forget when you add them up they can equal several larger victories.

While you wait for that one large victory, you forget or miss all the many little victories.

I recently observers children get so excited over things that today as adults we take for grant or have lost the excitement in observing.

Trees, the wind, animals at large, birds. cat running around. A dog fetching a toy that is thrown.

Learning to ride a two-wheel bike for the first time. The time one can stay upright on a skateboard or a pair of states.

The first time you get to drive a car.

Your first job that you get paid and it not a home chore.

You master a class in school and pass with a great better than you have in the past, because you studied and put in the effort.

You are a writer and have taken the time and efforts to keep writing when it would be easier to stop writing, complain out the others, and not write yourself.

Ans so I write another day. I like and enjoy writing. I will improve my writing.

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