I finally figured it out, I’m a niche-less writer

How do I know? I’m not happy with just a single lane.

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I prefer more options, different routes, and alternative routes, maybe come back to some places later.

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And So My 2021 Journey Officially Starts Today

I was hooting for January 1, 2021, but am flexible.

Thank you Brittany Jezouit for your lovely article that brought light to my writing journey.


The niche writer thing, encouraging people to find their niche, did not seem to work for me. Your article made me feel free from that concept and discovered that I am a niche-less writer.

I will write about whatever is on my mind for now. Until that now changes, then I will go with the flow.

My life has not conformed to a single niche in the past.

Historically, in my life I have not stayed on a single course for long periods of time. Yesterday on the news, they reported that Tom Brokaw was retiring after 55 years at NBC. I realize that during the 55years he likely experienced many jobs within the news reporting business.

One year out of high school, I started working at an ATT company in 1971. I retired in early 1997, just short of 27 years. They hired me as a lineman. After 6 months the opportunity to move into a cable splicer position, and I accepted that. The other jobs during my stay included Computer Operations, Service Representative in the business office, Installer and Repair Person, Multiple Management positions from 1981 to 1997 when they offered an early retirement buyout, I accepted offer and moved on to new adventures.

I live most of my past life in the Bay Area, that is up to about age 46. I took a job in the Seattle area in 1998 that moved us to the North West. That stay lasted until 2010, retirement number two. From there we gave rural living a go in Northern Nevada. It is now 2021 and last year we moved to Northern California. For the weather, you can not beat the California weather.

During our stay in Northern Nevada, I had this inkling to become a writer. In the beginning I had the time but did not focus on writing. Instead, I volunteer to help people with technology needs. Computer issues, phones, and later with websites. There we few who actually paid or exchanged services from their business for my help. In early 2019 it was final we were going to move to Northern California, for the benefit of the weather. We completed the move in Feb 2020.

My Obstacle Became My New-Path.

Writing has not been one of my strong points. During my career in any Management positions, writing both feedback and employee reviews was a painstaking thing for me to accomplish. After writing feedback and reviews, I would ask other managers, colleagues, and my wife for help. That part of the process was not fun or a merry time either, but I moved forward and learned.

OneNote Digital Warehouse

OneNote is my digital warehouse of writing ideas. I have been collecting ideas since early 2010. Today I have several backup versions, just in case.

I frequently reorganize the notebook, but only after taking a backup.


Medium Journey

I discovered Medium and joined in January 2018, but it was not until April 1, 2019, that I published my first story. During the first 14 months, I read and observed the writing habits of other writers. This was for me was my version of a writer’s school.

During this 14-month period, I was on a mission to discover the signal amidst the noise. In the beginning of my training, the noise was the strongest, and the signal was few. Over time, I became skillful in recognizing the signal and ignoring the noise.

Many of the writers I followed early on soon figured out self-help was the new thing. They wrote about it and preached it. Before you know it, self-help became monetized. Course after course popped on the scene. The cost was usually something ending in the number 7. $27, $37, going to $97. Soon the course cost began climbing to I recall $1997, some even higher. As they climbed, there was the offer of payments.

I invested in several and decided I am out. I just want to practice, learn, and develop into a better writer.

One Goal January 1, 2021

My past business life goal-setting processes were lengthy and complex. Team goals aligned with those of several layers of management above. Then there we my teams, with individual contributors’ goals that aligned with mine.

My prior business knowledge of defining goals started out months ago with establishing a set of goals. I had not practiced setting goals in over ten years. This overall process consumed time that I discovered was in fact a distraction, so I stopped, scrapped it, and now have only one goal.


Focus is my word for 2021.

Inspired by Itxy Lopez’s article about one word encouraged me to define my one word of intention as Focus.


Prior to reading Itxy’s article, I had set up multiply and complex goals.

My Self-Critique Moment — I have been consistently inconsistent with my publishing schedule.

I start off with traction and then I look around at what others are doing and that seems to sidetrack me from my goals. No more looking for this writer this year. I’m putting blinder on so I can win this race, my race.

When I first started writing, I had 11-day streak. Then another 4 article streak published in Sep, 2019 now with 8 already in Jan 2021. I now know I must pick it up my progress.

My history broken down. 34 articles published between April 1, 2019 and today. 663 days, 22 months, 95 weeks. OUCH. This is my wake-up call. Get writing Roger NOW.

Writing Inspired By Publication

I started this publication called Writing Inspired By. Today I have a category for the different inspiration streams, songs, other writers, thinking, and talking to Strangers, I will add other categories in the future.

What Inspires you to write? Share your inspirations here in comments.

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