Morning Raises — Song by Alex Couture


We Get Up Every Day to a New Day; You Get to Decide How It Will Go Depending on How You Raise. Quiet on the Set.

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The first thing to consider is our mindset when you raise to meet the day.

How is it set negative or positive?

The first thing to consider is our mindset when you raise to meet the day.

How is it set negative or positive?

You can choose the setting to be positive or negative.

For it to be a great day and move in the direction choose positive.

You are the director of your life, much like the director on any Hollywood film, or for any film, video or other creation.

The evening before the next day.

Before you go to sleep, think about how you want the next day’s results to come out great. Then sleep on it and let your mind work out some the details while you are sleeping.

Make scene change throughout the day as need to reflect a positive outcome.

You are in charge, that makes you responsible for the outcome. When it goes great, you get credit for the results. When things do not go well, you are still responsible. You can also change your life script while your life is rolling live.

With real life there is nothing to cutout only retakes.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. If the first scene does not work as expected, rewrite and make it the new scene. And then follow it up with another greater scene. Make your life happen the way you want, remembering always that it takes effort and a positive approach.

Any thought readers?

Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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