The Moment You Realize You Missed an Opportunity Almost 7 Years Ago.

Writing Inspired By Time

To me it was a schedule delayed for a better time.

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To me it was a schedule delayed for a better time in the future and that future is now.

Today while reviewing articles in my article inventory, some that date back to 2009 and found a note to myself dated March 13, 2013. The note contained several articles on Medium and other places for writing.

Three articles I read in 2013 and still published on Medium today.

Sean Smith writes about overdosing on consumption, signal versus noise, and learning through writing. I have been learning through writing and will continue in the future.

Robyn Scott writes about a 30 second habit to capture a conversation. I have been practicing this habit, sort of, and will continue to overtime.

Robyn Scott writes another article about the quiet connectors, those that are less flamboyant, and their actions result in stronger connections.

Life in 2013

I had a lot of moving parts and events going on in my life which needed closure before I could move on and be in the position that I am in today.

Life in 2021

Now is the time and the moment that I am fully ready to embrace writing in the way I would like to proceed. I have no other commitments. And now that writing is want I only want to do.

I have moved down the runway in my life and have more material to work with today, then back then I did not know what I did not know.

Encouragement To New Writers Today

Do not give up if you want to be a writer. Timing is everything, you may have to wait for the correct time.

Patience and waiting are two traits that are a work in progress to varying levels over time in everyone’s life.

Reading, I have learned, is one important part of the writing process.

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