The Moment You Realize You Missed an Opportunity Almost 7 Years Ago.

Writing Inspired By Time To me it was a schedule delayed for a better time. Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash To me it was a schedule delayed for a better time in the future and that future is now. Today while reviewing articles in my article inventory, some that date back to 2009 and found a […]

The Morning Light slowly disappears daily and becomes the Night

Writing Inspired by One of the many things we have no control over I wrote this article in May 2020 and have been thinking lately of some of those things in the 95% bucket of things we have no control over. Morning Thoughts Even in the most overcast of days, there is still enough light that […]

Cinco de Mayo has an Additional Meaning to Me

We all have those days or events in our lives that bring back memories, some pleasant ones and others not so pleasant ones. Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash For me Cinco de Mayo 49 years ago was the beginning of regular adult employment that would change my life. To Most of The World Cinco de […]