What do you want to do when you retire?

Senior Citizen Writer

Writing might be one activity you can consider.

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I remember when I was younger the idea of retiring meant money was available and the need to show up at a job was no longer necessary.

That is exactly how it is working for me today. Bonus points if there is money at the end of the month.

Over the years I have spoken with many who have retired, and they have shared common themes. Some want to move closer to their grandchildren, travel, volunteer, or go fishing with their buddies to name a few. Everyone has original ideas regarding what they want to do when they retire. I have heard that some have wanted to and executed on the idea of returning to the working force.

Many of us in the retired community spend our time reading. I have seen this group both online and at libraries. Yes, I make trips to libraries from time to time. It is a lovely place to meet other readers.

If you have retired and write or want to consider writing in the future, it can be extremely rewarding. It is something that you can start. Maybe you have some scribblings on scrap paper tucked away for the one day you will write more. Or a notebook chalked full of someday stores waiting to be finished and shared with your family and the world.

There are many platforms available to experiment on and see where the writing adventure takes you.

You can start small walking and then over time learn to run and even get airborne. Anything is possible if you want to start or continue your writing career.

One of the many benefits of being a senior citizen writer is we can share our stories containing our life experiences and thoughts with the world, leaving behind our digital legacy when we pass on to the next destination.

If today you are a senior citizen and want to become a senior citizen writer, reach out to me via email at roger@rogerskibowski.com to explore the options which might work for you.

I will set aside time to chat with you about the possibilities of your transition to becoming a writer.

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